Stewardship and sustainability of reclaimed lands post mining is one of the highest priorities of Boral Aggregates. We work hand in hand with the Colorado State Division of Mining and Reclamation and local communities to provide reclaimed sites for future water storage facilities, hiking and biking trails, open lakes, parks and wildlife habitat.

Brighton Parks DesignOne such project is the Ken Mitchell Lakes facility located at our Bromley Lakes Brighton Quarry site.  After years of planning and cooperation between Boral Aggregates and the City of Brighton, this project is about to become a reality. Pieces of land have already been reclaimed and converted to a 4,000 acre water storage facility for the City. Once mining is complete in about 5-7 years, the operation will be transformed into an additional 4,000 acres of water storage and a park and trail system.

Other reclamation efforts at the site include wetlands creation and commercial and residential development.